How to Enrol at St Francis Xavier’s College

St Francis Xavier’s College is a Senior Secondary School that enrols students who have completed Year 10 in NSW or the equivalent in another State of Australia or in an Overseas Country.

In Year 11 students are expected to complete the Preliminary Certificate as determined by the NSW Board of Studies, Teaching & Educational Standards

In Year 12 students will complete the Higher School Certificate as determined by the NSW Board of Studies Teaching & Educational Standards, which may lead (if eligible) to admission to a University Course.

While parents / guardians are able to enquire about enrolment at any time, enrolments for the following year commence at the start of Catholic Schools Week – usually the second week in March.

Parents / Guardians of students from St Francis Xavier’s Associated schools – St Pius X Adamstown and San Clemente Mayfield are automatically posted an enrolment package which includes a timeline for submission of documentation, information evenings, enrolment interviews and induction days

St Francis Xavier’s welcomes and encourages students from non associated schools, valuing the diversity of community that is created when students come together from a variety of backgrounds. Parents from non associated schools can request an enrolment package by telephoning Mrs Susan Maloney – Principal’s PA at the College or emailing susan.maloney@mn.catholic.edu.au 

Further information regarding enrolment can be found on the website of the Catholic Schools Office Maitland Newcastle Diocese @ www.mn.catholic.edu.au/parents-community/how-to-enrol


For further questions, please contact the College Office on 0249 612 863

Enrolment Form

Enrolment Policy

Enrolment Guidelines for Students with Disabilities and / or Special Needs

Enrolment Guide for Overseas Students