Student Offices

At the College the students are divided into one of 4 House groups: Champagnat, MacKillop, McAuley and Dominic, named after the founders of the religious orders who established Catholic education in the Maitland Newcastle Diocese.

There is a House Coordinator for each House in each Year group.  Each House is divided into 6 Tutor Groups ie 48 in total. A student will stay in the same Tutor Group with the same Tutor Group Leader and House Coordinator for their 2 years at the College.

The Tutor Group operates to provide a small “family” group where the students will be fully supported. The Group meets each morning for prayer, roll call and communication about issues of the day. The Group will interact together socially at school and occasionally go out for a meal together. A program is run through a Long Tutor Group period each week and is devoted to equipping students skills and strategies to support them such as: building resilience, how to get organised, how to study.

House Coordinators along with Tutor Group Leaders are responsible for the overall welfare of the students in their House. They will oversee and advise them regarding their academic, personal and social issues and monitor their attendance, punctuality, application and responsibilities as a senior student.

The Dean of Students is responsible for the management of the House System. Parents are welcome to contact a House Coordinator or the Dean of Students with any issues of concern regarding their child.

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CSO Anti Bullying Policy for Students
CSO Wellbeing and Pastoral Care - Students Policy 
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Year 11 Office:

The Yr 11 Office offers support systems and structures to assist students throughout the Preliminary Year. These include but are not confined to:

• Providing assistance, support and advice to students as they transition into Stage 6 – academically, spiritually and socially

• Recognise the diversity of student needs and provide support and direction to develop strategies to cope with situations and challenges

• Offer assistance to staff and parents to support individual students

• Provide leadership opportunities for students to develop their interests and strengths in the areas of leadership, social justice and community service

• Access school counselling services and/or external support

Year 12 Office:

The Yr 12 Office provides support throughout their HSC Year by:

• Recognising and putting into place structures and strategies to support students with a variety of issues they may impact on their studies such as stress, anxiety/depression, relationship breakdowns, time management, organisation, study skills

• Develop positive relationships between members of the House

• Access school counselling services and/or external support

Communicate with parents to support their child

Help with a transition to university, TAFE or work or a combination of these