Parents can access a variety of forms related to:

  • leave
  • assessment
  • policy requirements

Leave during Term Time - Please note that if a student is going to be absent from school for a known reason, parents are required to lodge an application for leave indication the reason and length of time. This documentation should be handed into to Student Services at least two weeks prior to the known leave so that the student's assessment schedule can be checked and advice provided regarding completion of tasks. The Notification regarding Request for Leave form can be downloaded and attached to the parent letter, otherwise staff in Student Services will attach this to the parent letter and hand onto the Principal for a decision.

Assessment Variation Form - the Assessment Variation Form must be completed whenever a student is not able to complete or be present for a scheduled task. Students / Parents & Guardians are advised to carefully read the Assessment Handbook to ensure they understand the rule and procedures.


Student Injury Form

All injuries, illness and incidents to students are recorded by schools. Injuries only requiring a level of first aid still need to be recorded but in a different way to a more significant and serious incident or injury, where there is potential for further actions to be taken by those involved. Not all injuries, illness or incidents need a comprehensive report. Only the most serious are forwarded to the CSO.


Below are a number of different forms outlining specific agreements and policies at the College. 


Religious Education Agreement

CyberSafety User Agreement for Secondary Students

Safety Footwear Agreement

Student Driver Form