Evacuation Procedures



Short blasts of the siren with rising pitch will sound to indicate an evacuation.   


1. Count student number in the class before moving

2. Class to calmly leave room: students leave bags in rooms. Close windows. Lock rooms (take bags for drill)  

3. In library exit count is taken


4. Students (and TGLs) proceed to their designated House area and sit in Tutor Groups as orderly as possible. Let your House Coordinator know you have arrived. See map below


5. Non-Tutor Group Teacher (NTGTs) assist people to move to the evacuation point  
Then report to the NTGT area (rear left side – see map) for Mark-Off. Report to HEC / HOC / STP to mark the roll for NTGTs 

6. CASUALS, librarian & Counsellor: report to Administration Coordinator - front of area. Casuals who took a TG that morning will then move to mark it


7. Student Services generate absence report by House and distribute to HC. HC to distribute to TG Teachers


8. TG Rolls to be marked as usual and returned to HC.  HC to check for abnormalities on the TG rolls (for example students who are marked as present on the roll and who are marked as absent for the evacuation).  Support Staff will be there to assist. Any student discrepancies between roll and print-out to be given to Assembly Marshall who will call them over the PA. When all names are checked, please inform the Assembly Marshall who will mark off each House as complete, of the Master List. TGL’s are to remain with their TG at all times   


9. Some NTGT to be allocated to check. Inspect the area and direct people to the evacuation point. When complete report to Assembly Marshall and then report to the NTGT Area 


10. Support staff report to Registrar back of the Assembly Area to have name checked. Advise Administration Coordinator when completed




1. Hall / Main Yard  


Students in Hall OR on Basketball Court Facing Canteen 


             Front of Assembly Area 

Yr 12 Champagnat       Yr 12 MacKillop

Yr 12 Dominic              Yr 12 McAuley

Yr 11 Champagnat       Yr 11 Dominic

Non-Tutor Teachers.     Yr 11 McAuley

                   Yr 11 MacKillop 



2. Off Site Assembly Point - Parkway Ave