English Fundamentals 1 Unit

St Francis Xavier's College offers English Fundamentals as a 1 unit course in the Preliminary Year.

The course offers support to students who need to develop knowledge, skills and understanding to assist them in their study and use of English. It is studied in addition to the Standard English Course or English Studies.

For Whom is the Subject Intended?

The English Fundamentals Course is designed for students who struggle with language and who need additional intensive assistance to achieve the outcomes of the Standard English course.

The English Fundamentals Course addresses the literacy needs of students undertaking the course and assists students to use the English language effectively in their study and for vocational and other purposes.

Students who have struggled in Stage 5 and achieved a D or E may consider studying English Fundamentals in addition to the Standard English Course.


English Standard 2 Unit

The course aims to develop proficiency in English to enhance the personal, social and vocational lives of students. It is the course that most students will undertake.

For Whom is the Subject Intended?

The Standard English course caters for a broad range of abilities, from students who have basic literacy skills to those who are reasonably competent in reading and writing.

The course provides a wide experience in English, encompassing a varied range of modern reading and viewing studied in relationship to the culture in which we live. Emphasis is placed on providing students with the opportunity to become confident and effective communicators.


Students who are likely to attain a Grade C or D in Stage 5 are strongly advised to study the Standard English Course, if they wish to obtain an ATAR.


English Advanced 2 Unit

The course aims to develop critical and sophisticated use of English to enhance the personal, social and vocational lives of students.

For Whom is the Subject Intended?

The Advanced English course is designed for students who enjoy wide reading, writing both imaginatively and analytically, actively participating in class work and discussion, working independently and being challenged by new ideas.

It will appeal to competent users of language who have shown a particular interest in all aspects of English in Years 7 to 10, and who are self-motivated and organised learners.

Candidates with a passion for English should consider the Preliminary Extension Course as an additional 1 Unit. This is a pre-requisite if you are considering additional units in English for your HSC.


Students who are likely to attain a Grade A or B in Stage 5 are advised to study the English (Advanced) Course.