Stage 6 Transition Information

Since St Francis Xavier's College is a senior high school significant emphasis is placed on transition to Stage 6. The following activities are an indication of this commitment - 

  • Executive visits to Associated Schools
  • Curriculum Information Evenings (held in Term 3)
  • Individual interviews (held in Term 4)
  • Orientation Days (held in Term 4)
  • Two dedicated days for Year 11 at the commencement of the new school year
  • Getting to Know you Day
  • Ongoing support through Tutor Groups and House Coordinators
  • Parent Information Evenings (held in Term 1)
  • Transition Meetings for students with special needs (held in the year prior to enrolment)

The 2020 Curriculum Information Evenings will be held in the College Hall on;

* Wednesday 24th July 2019 for students and parents/carers from St Pius X High School 

* Monday 29th July 2019 for students and parents/carers from San Clemente High School and other schools 


All parent/carers from Associated Schools will receive an enrolment package at the end of Term 1, 2019.

Parents/carers from non-associated (other) schools need to request an enrolment package and complete the appropriate documentation.