Marist Values

Many of the traditions at the College are built on the values that are ingrained in the Marist Charism. 


With this value we endeavour to develop a special way of being, loving and acting where relationships with all members of the community are founded on love. Being truly present to each other means that we are able to communicate in an atmosphere of mutual respect.



As members of this community we strive to be persons of integrity - truthful, openhearted and transparent. Humility and modesty are linked to simplicity. By striving to live with simplicity we attempting to live without pretense. In this manner we seek to develop an empathy with those who are suffering, both within our own community and in the wider world.


Family Spirit

Saint Marcellin Champagnat had a great desire that we relate with each other as members of a loving family. Acceptance and belonging should prevail. A genuine sense of family means that all members are valued, respected and trusted. It also means that members are challenged, forgiven and reconciled.


In the Way of Mary

Mary was a woman who’s life can inspire us become better people. She was a person who stood by her son throughout his life. She was there to teach him and protect him. She was also there when he was crucified and died on a cross. Mary knew the meaning of true love and she knew the meaning of suffering. Mary was fully human and her example can help to be people of greater gentleness, compassion and faith.


Love of Work

Saint Marcellin Champagnat was a man who promoted the value of work. However his work was not for his own benefit, rather it was for the benefit of others. The results of his efforts could be seen in various dimensions. He was involved in the construction of buildings, in travelling considerable distances to minister to people in need and in working tirelessly to establish his fledgling order. He was prepared to lead by example and consequently earned the respect and admiration of his Brothers and those in his parish.