College Environment

The College sets out to present a safe and caring environment. 

Our commitment is to good education and pastoral care on a group and individual basis.

Structures and procedures have been put in place to allow this to occur for the benefit of all.
As you begin another year it is timely to recall the possibilities.

The College is a place where you can:

Know that God is recognised and spoken about.

• Feel welcome, accepted and valued.
• Grow as Christians.
• Pursue knowledge and lifelong learning.
• Develop an awareness of social justice and ethical issues.
• Exercise responsible care for each other.
• Understand and appreciate the role and contribution of families.
• Grow towards wholeness.
• Develop your own special identity.
• Develop a healthy discipline and respect for self.


To allow you to meet your fullest potential, it is necessary for you as a College student:

 • To be determined about your program of studies.
 • To participate in what is offered to you in the College program.
 • To recognise that in this community the rights and concerns of others have to be recognised as well.
 • To work with one another and all of the staff to foster the welfare of all.
 • To be a ‘giver’ rather than a ‘taker’.