Stage 6 Transition Information

Since St Francis Xavier's College is a senior high school significant emphasis is placed on transition to Stage 6. The following activities are an indication of this commitment - 

  • Executive visits to Associated Schools
  • Curriculum Information Evenings (held in Term 3)
  • Individual interviews (held in Term 4)
  • Orientation Days (held in Term 4)
  • Two dedicated days for Year 11 at the commencement of the new school year
  • Getting to Know you Day
  • Ongoing support through Tutor Groups and House Coordinators
  • Parent Information Evenings (held in Term 1)
  • Transition Meetings for students with special needs (held in the year prior to enrolment)

2018 Curriculum Information Evenings will be held on Wednesday 19th July 2017 and Monday 24th July in the College Hall.


All students from Associated Schools will receive a package of information relating to enrolment. Students from non associated schools who have been offered a place in 2018 should receive an invitation to attend - contact Mrs Susan Maloney at the College for additional information.

The Curriculum Handbook is a valuable resource regarding courses and should provide a clear outline in regard to subject expectations, topics and assessment